The NEW G2 slim interactive flat panel display

The Best Interactive Flat Panel You’ve Ever Heard

An interactive panel that wows the eyes and ears.

  • Sound bar standard

  • 14W per channel
  • 4K 3,840 x 2,160 image
  • Android 8
  • 2mm tracking accuracy
  • 5-year warranty
  • Optional i5 or i7 OPS
  • Spoke classroom audio
    system included on “A” series

What Matters



Imagine trying to figure out a TV show with the sound off. Now try the same thing with the sound on, but your eyes closed. Right—sound matters. Sound matters a lot, which is why we are including the G2 Spoke SoundBar with every one of the new G2 slim interactive flat panels. And we put it on the top so students can clearly hear it! Who would want to put it on the bottom, pointed at their chests? Even the students in the back row will have fantastic sound.


Android 8 coupled with the included Google Play Store guarantees access to an incredible range of apps. Apps to dazzle, to engage, for teaching, for learning, and apps that work with the way you teach.


Interactive flat panel displays engage students. Who can resist a giant touch screen? But they need to have instructional value, the engagement needs to be part of the curriculum, and it needs to fit the teacher’s style and favorite software. Introducing G2 Overlay: An infinite whiteboard app so easy there’s no need for basic training (really!). Plus, annotation capabilities that enhance any software you choose!


Introducing G2 MultiShare: Share the flat panel’s display with every student device in the room. Plus, share any selection of up to nine student and teacher devices on the panel. All live, all in real time, and so easy to connect to, you’ll be able to spend your time teaching instead of troubleshooting.



Our new slim line of flat panel displays comes standard with a 5-year return-to-base warranty.

What Customers Say

The G2 panel has exceeded our expectations in regards to quality and performance. Customer service has certainly proven to be a bonus and the sound on the panel is far superior to any other brand.

Charlie Jimmerson

Technology Director, Marshall County Schools

As Brooks County Schools is passionate about engaging our students in creative learning activities, and with the SLIM series of interactive panels offered by G2, which we find to be both intuitive and affordable, we are certain that our commitment will allow us to embed advanced whiteboard technology throughout all of our classrooms.

Rick Lewis

Director of Technology, Brooks County Schools

G2 has a great reputation and long-standing relationship with our county. The top-notch service and personal touch provided by their team gives us a great long-term value for our investment.

Joshua Bingham

IT Technician, Carroll County School Systems

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