The G2 Spoke Audio System

Hearing Is Learning

Make sure every student is engaged and learning.

  • Improves attention and engagement

  • Increases intelligibility

  • Enhances academic outcomes

  • Overcomes background noise

  • Up to four simultaneous mics

  • Distributed speaker levels

  • Assistive listening transmitter standard!

What Matters


Sound engages instantly

Every teacher knows the power of the famous “Teacher Voice.” Even the most challenging student focuses in an instant when the teacher unleashes that very special voice. Why? Because it is clear, easily understood, and powerful enough to be heard over any classroom background noise—just like multimedia audio needs to be in order to successfully deliver content to the students.

Extends the teacher’s day

Delivering teacher voice can be draining hour after hour, day after day. A comfortable microphone coupled with a simple classroom audio system reduces the load on vocal chords while distributing sound throughout the classroom—even to the very back corner of the very back row.

Assistive listening transforms

The G2 Spoke classroom audio system includes an assistive listening device (ALD) transmitter as standard, not as a pricey option. The student receiver has one-button-pairing and—like all the rest of G2 Spoke—it’s so simple, it just plain works.


The details

G2 Spoke supports up to four teacher microphones and student microphones, delivers 30 watts-per-channel, and RF transmission for sound quality. G2 Spoke even automatically mutes any mic that leaves the room.


Have sound, will travel

A G2 Spoke classroom audio system connected to a wall-mounted flat panel display dramatically changes the dynamic of a classroom. But what if the school has flat panel displays on carts? G2 has that covered as well. G2’s new slim flat panel displays are available with an embedded version of G2 Spoke. Still supports any combination of up to four teacher microphones and student microphones, delivers 30 watts per channel to the G2 SoundBar integrated with slim, and includes the ALD transmitter.

What Customers Say

The G2 panel has exceeded our expectations in regards to quality and performance. Customer service has certainly proven to be a bonus and the sound on the panel is far superior to any other brand.

Charlie Jimmerson

Technology Director, Marshall County Schools

As Brooks County Schools is passionate about engaging our students in creative learning activities, and with the SLIM series of interactive panels offered by G2, which we find to be both intuitive and affordable, we are certain that our commitment will allow us to embed advanced whiteboard technology throughout all of our classrooms.

Rick Lewis

Director of Technology, Brooks County Schools

G2 has a great reputation and long-standing relationship with our county. The top-notch service and personal touch provided by their team gives us a great long-term value for our investment.

Joshua Bingham

IT Technician, Carroll County School Systems

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